Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Welcome to EGL 114 (Fall 2019)

EGL 114

Conversation II
Fall 2019
Busan University of Foreign Studies
Instructor: Jeff Lebow Office: D571  Email: 
Office Hours: Wednesdays 4-5pm, Fridays 2-4pm and by appointment 

Course Website >>>
Group Notes:  EGL 114-01           EGL114-07
Class Bands:   EGL 114-01           EGL114-07
Quizlets:           EGL114-01

This course is designed to help students become better English speakers. The various topics covered allow the student to gain accuracy and fluency in English. During these 16 weeks, this course aims to build the student’s oral proficiency, as well as to enhance reading and listening skills.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

EGL114: Week#1 & Week#2

We will spend the first two weeks of  class getting acquainted with each other and getting oriented to the course methods and tools.

In class:  Acquaintance Jigsaw

By September 6
  ➤ Join the EGL 114  Band for your class EGL 114-01     EGL114-07
➤ Get a Gmail account and install these apps: Google Drive, Docs, Translate.
➤  Complete the Entrance Questionnaire

By September 15, 11:59pm
➤  Post a 1~5 minute INTRODUCTION VIDEO to the your class BAND You can take a ‘selfie video’ with your phone or get help from a friend.
The goal is help us get to know each other. Be as creative as you like!  (e.g. answer several of the ‘getting acquainted’ questions, give a tour of your home, take us out with you on Friday night, introduce us to your family during Chuseok, tell us about (or show us) what you do in your free time, etc.

Requirements:  You need to make an on-camera appearance and you need to be speaking English most of the time.  Please don’t read or memorize what you say. 

If you have any problems uploading the video to the Band, email the file to Jeff at

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Student YouTube Faves

Students' Favorite YouTube Channels

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