Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome to EGL202 (Fall 2018)

EGL 202

Conversation IV
Fall 2018
Busan University of Foreign Studies
Instructor: Jeff Lebow Office: D571  Email: 
Office HoursWednesdays 5-6pm, Fridays 2-4pm and by appointment

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This course is designed to help students become better English speakers. The various topics covered allow the student to gain accuracy and fluency in English. During these 16 weeks, this course aims to build the student’s oral proficiency, as well as to enhance reading and listening skills.

Course Syllabus

Entrance Questionnaire

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I look forward to seeing you all on September 3.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Job Interview Discussion & Vocabulary

Assignment: Due November 12
    We are going to have practice job interviews next week.   
    Please bring a piece of paper with some basic information about yourself and a job you want to apply for.


    Company & Position:     (e.g. Jeffco, Marketing manager)

    Academic, Work, Volunteer Experiences
    (e.g.  Salesperson and server,  Baskin Robbins, 2017~2018 ,  Pyeongchang volunteer - 2016~2017)
    (e.g.  Fluent English speaker, basic Python coding skills, talented juggler)
    Job Discussion Questions
    1. What ‘dream jobs’ did you have as a child?
    2. What have been your best and worst work experiences?
      If you haven’t had a job yet, why not?
    3. What kind of job advice, suggestions, and nagging have you received?
    4. Which jobs are desirable (or not) for a lifelong partner?
    5. Would you rather have a job that is
      …. social or solitary?
      …. hectic or slow-paced?
      … varied or repetitive?
    6. What have you learned from your parents’ work experiences?
    7. What jobs would you never want?
    8. What qualities are most related to high job satisfaction for you?
               (money, leisure time, travel opportunity, status, gratifying work, etc.)
    9. Among your family and friends, who has the highest job satisfaction? lowest job satisfaction?
    10. Would you rather have..
        ...a job you enjoy that just ‘makes ends meet’ or
        ... a stressful job that has a high salary? 
    11.  Would you rather have a man or a woman as a boss? a coworker?
    12. Do you think there are certain jobs that men or women are better at doing?
    13.  If you had to work 40 hours/week, what would be your ideal schedule? 
    14. Would you be OK not having a job if your partner had a high-paying job?
    15. Can you think of any likely future jobs that don’t exist yet?

    Video Playlist Job Hunting

    Video Channels

    Job Interview Questions (printable handout)
    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. What five adjectives best describe you?
    3. How would friends and professors who know you well describe you?
    4. What makes you stand out among your peers?
    5. What are your strengths? Best skills? What is your major weakness?
    6. Who is your personal and/or professional role model? Why?
    7. What are your career goals? Future plans?
    8. How long are you willing to fail at this job before you succeed?
    9. What do you know about this company? Why are you seeking a position with our company?
    10. Why should we hire you for this job? What can you offer us that others cannot?
    11. What kinds of decisions are most difficult for you?
    12. In general, how do you handle conflict? Do you directly confront an issue or avoid it?
    13. I see from your resume that you (studied, worked, went to...). Can you tell me more about your experience there?
    14. Give me an example from past experiences or a previous job where you have shown initiative.
    15. Tell me about the last time you made a mistake and how you corrected it.
    16. When is the last time you took a risk. What was it and in retrospect, was it the right decision?
    17. What is an important goal that you set in the past. Did you succeed? Why or Why not?
    18. What has been the most challenging experience of your life? How did you confront that challenge?
    19. Your supervisor tells you to do something that is ethically wrong. What do you do?
    20. If you had a choice, would you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? Why?
    21. Describe the relationship that should exist between a supervisor and employees?
    22. What are your most satisfying accomplishments?
    23. How have your educational experiences prepared you for for this position?
    24. Which university classes did you enjoy the most? The least? Why?
    25. What extracurricular activities were you involved in?
    26. Which software programs do you have experience with? How would you describe your skill level?
    27. What salary are you expecting? What do you expect to earn in this position?
    28. How would you define a good working atmosphere?
    29. Would you be willing to work late hours and/or on the weekend?
    30. Would you prefer to work of a Korean company or an international company? Why?
    31. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about why you’d be a good fit for our company?
    32. If you could change something about your past, would you? Why or why not?
    33. If you could be any superhero, who would you choose? Why?
    34. What is your favorite company? Why?
    35. Describe the color yellow to someone who is blind.
    The major types of questions

    • Personal qualities / values
      Make list of words that describe you, think of examples
    • Key experiences STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result)
      Think of a situation where you learned something/demonstrated some skills
    • Related skills and preparation
      Why are you a good fit for this job?
      Read the job ad carefully and prepare answers related to what they are looking for.

    Job Interview Vocabulary
    More Lists

    Job Interview Video Tips

    5 Tips to Ace an Interview Behavior Based Questions

    Why Should We Hire You?
    Job Interview Advice

    How to answer the question 'Tell me about yourself'.

    More Job Interview Advice

    Post-Interview Assignment: 
    Watch your job interview video. Write down your general thoughts about that experience. Also, describe at least 2 things you LIKE about what you did and 2 things you would like to IMPROVE. These can include language-related issues and non-verbal factors. Be honest, but BE NICE to yourself!   Email the video and self-feedback to Jeff ( or send it via the Band by November 17.  

    Monday, October 29, 2018

    Social Media & The Social Credit System

    Social Media Discussion Questions

    1. Which  social networking sites do you use? Why those?  or why don’t you use any?
    2. On which sites and apps do you rate things or give feedback?
    3. How do you decide whether to ❤ or 👍 something?
    4. Do you think ‘personal ratings’ are a good idea? Why or why not? What about as part of service sites like Uber?
    5. What information are you comfortable posting publicly? with sns contacts?
    6. What motivates you to post things online? What do you post?
    7. Does using SNS result in any stress, self-doubt, or insecurities?
    8. Do you have friends that are primarily ‘online friends’?
    9. What have been the most meaningful experiences you’ve had online?
    10. What have been some of the worst experiences you’ve had online?
    11. How much do you notice or care about who and how much people respond to your posts?
    12. How do you feel about interacting with your parents and other family members online?
    13. Is there any difference between the ‘real you’ and ‘social media’ you?
    14. Do you know people whose real lives are very different from the life they show online?
    Dark Mirror: Nosedive  Episode Information

    NPR The IndicatorChina's Social Credit System  (Transcript)

    More podcasts

    Monday, October 8, 2018

    The Midterm Experience

    No Written Quiz

    Conferences: Week#8
    Monday, October 22  11am~2pm
    Wednesday, October 24, 1~6pm

    There will be no regular class  either day.
    You only need to attend when your conference is scheduled.
    Please sign-up here for your appointment by Oct. 16
    *Please be aware of the Wednesday class time video recording task.

    Midterm Components

    Midterm Speaking Topic Recordings
    1) You will record a 1-2 minute video answering one of our Speaking Topic Questions and post the video our class Band by October 21.  You can choose which question you answer.
    2)  At the start of your Wednesday class time, a 'Spontaneous Speech Topic' will be posted in your class Band. You will have 10 minutes to record your answer and post it to the Band.  (EGL202-01  2pm, EGL202-02  3pm)
    One-on-one Conferences with Jeff  Sign-up here
    I will meet with each of you for a one-on-one conversation.  While I will speak with only one of you at a time, you can come with a classmate or friend if you prefer.  
    I will start by asking some basic small talk/ get acquainted questions.
    You will then record take the Pronunciation Practice Sentence Challenge.  
    After that,  I will then ask questions about some of the work you've submitted.  This can include your entrance questionnaire, introduction video, or anything you've posted in the Band. We will then discuss the 'What's on your mind?' topic.  (Week#6 Conferencers, please submit your topic here)
     Feel free to ask me questions or bring up anything else you'd like to discuss. The goal is to have a genuine conversation - you can prepare some things you'd like to say, but please do NOT memorize anything.